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This is your chance to learn from 50+ of the world’s most successful women entrepreneurs, coaches and trainers. They’re here with one goal: Empower YOU to Create, Grow & Scale Your Business and Succeed.
Plus have lots of fun! This isn’t just about learning. It’s about BEING. So you’ll get to experience true transformation through specifically designed exercises and Q & A sessions that will help you become the BEST version of you in 2022.


Three Empowered Days To
Change Your Life

 Join the Empowered Women Summit right now and attend virtually from the comfort of your home.

Here's What You'll Experience Each Day


Empowered Training

You’ll learn from top experts that will EMPOWER you mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically and financially.


Empowered Inspiration

We’ve brought in some of the top speakers in the world who will inspire you to make every dream come true and create the life you've always wanted!


Empowered Experiences

Experience sessions that are also centered around self-care, well-being and fun! You’ll learn habits and rituals that will keep you healthy, energized and feeling good.


Empowered Community

Success is a team sport! You succeed far more when you work with others and that's why we've built an online community of thousands of women entrepreneurs who are just like you! Join us and make friends, connections and receive support from other like-minded people.

Meet Your Empowered Women Experts

Adaina Biggs
Alabama, USA

The Future You Crave

Adrien Blackwell
California, USA

The Real Secret to Wealth Manifesting

Aimee Carlson
Montana, USA

Abundant & Thriving Mindset

Aishia Fisher
Pennsylvania, USA

Holistic Health, Wealth & Legacy

Amy Woods
Tennessee, USA

Living An Abundant Life

Angella Ocheltree
Georgia, USA

Local Branding Strategies to Build Your Health & Wellness Practice

AnnaMariah Nau
Oregon, USA

Game-Changing Empowerment Tips for Introverts, HSPs and Empaths

Anne-Claire Le Bihan
Vancouver, Canada

From Dream To Reality: How I Gave Birth To My Spirit Babies Business

Bessie Estonactoc
California, USA

Reach For Peace

Carlieta Postell
 Texas, USA

The Secrets to Modern Business Growth in 2022 & Beyond

Jackie Kickish
Ohio, USA

How to Make Time For Exercise

Chelsea Olson
 Georgia, USA

Overcoming Burnout With Sensations of The Body.

Christine Miura
California, USA

Intuition Is Your Universal GPS 

Christy Whitman
Arizona, USA

Empowered YOU: Abundance & The 7 Desire Factor Principles 

Clara Capano

Prison Break - Create Success On YOUR Terms

Daniela Honcu
Dublin, Ireland

Gender Equality

Deborah Young
Texas, USA

Six Steps to Becoming An Empowered Woman

Diana Copeland
Texas,  USA

What About Me

Dr Tayo
Toronto, Canada

Get Your Sassy Back With Your 5 SuperPowers

Eleonore de Posson
B.C. Canada

Thriving the Feminine Way; Ease & Flow

Ellen Koronet
Maryland, USA 

Bubble-Mapping to Build Compelling Brand Quiz Magnets

Elysia Skye
Tennessee, USA

Overcome Your Fear of Sales

Felicia Searcy
Arizona, USA

The Power of 

Fran Harper
Melbourne, Australia

Confident Selling - How Mastering This Can Elevate Your Business.

Aisling Smith
Melbourne, Australia

Confident selling - How Mastering This Can Elevate Your Business.

Forbes Riley
Florida, USA

Get Sh*t Done

Mackenna Riley
Florida, USA

Get Sh*t Done

Jamie Rose Brown
New York, USA

ABC's of Positive Psychology: Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs & Unlocking Your Hidden Full Potential

Jan Haldane 
Waikato, New Zealand

You Are Not An Imposter

Jazmine Coleman
Maryland, USA

Prepared for Anything! Protect your Small Business Empire with Legal Savvy!

Jennifer C. Kane, D.C.
Missouri, USA 

Creating Calm in the Storm of Stress

Jodi Graham
Toronto, Canada

How To Plan So You Can Get More Done

Joni Neidigh
Florida, USA

Gold Medal Inner Coaching 

Karissa J Adkins 
Portales, New Mexico

From Rock-Bottom to Unstoppable, Becoming the Champion Within

Keira Poulsen
Idaho, USA

Spiritually Write Your Book

Kelli A.

The 4 Steps To Building a Brand That Converts

Khalida DuBose
Denver, CO, USA

How to Diagnose 3 “Problem” Areas to Start Selling More Confidently in Your Business.

Kristen Mastel
Minnesota, USA

Nature Empowerment: Deepen Your Creativity and Focus Through Connecting With Nature

Kristie Collins
Florida, USA

Who's Your Who: Getting Clear On Who You Serve 

Laura Lee Kenny
New Brunswick, Canada

Wealth Creator

Lauren Penny
Queensland, Australia

Show Up As Your Best Self at Your Events.

Maria van Niekerk
Johannesburg, South Africa

Make Passive Money Now - Pain 2 Purpose

Martina Kwan California, USA

3 Critical Shifts to Attract The Right High Paying Clients

Marzena Sydrenka
NSW, Australia

How Emotions and Thoughts Shape Your Life And Health

Melissa Henault
NSW, Australia

LinkedIn Lead Generation, How to 10X Your Leads Without Paying A Fortune on Facebook Ads

Monika Korba
Argovia, Switzerland 

Understanding Your Body’s Language: What Your Pain Is Trying To Tell You

Myrna Hyppolite
Florida, USA

5 Steps to Financial Wellness

Natasha Golinsky
Vancouver, Canada

Successful Scaling for Solopreneurs

Rebecca Shapiro Texas, USA 

Self Care Isn't Selfish!

Ruby C. Wight
California, USA

The Boss In You

Sabine Charles
New York, USA

Be The Main Character of Your Life

Kelley Tenny
California, USA

The Rise of the Micro-Course : Your Answer To Building Your Business

Sharon M Jurd
Gold Coast, Australia 

5 Steps to Freedom and Success 

Susan Bennett Fisher 
Montana, USA

Supercharge Your Practice

Susanne Fagerström
Åland, Finland 

How to Take Control Over Your Life and live the life you desire 100%

Suzie Bowers
 California, USA

Grow Your Six or Seven Figure Coaching Business

Tatiana Vilarea
Washington, USA

Trauma-Oriented Approach to Overcoming Business Blocks

Selena Dorsey
New York, USA

Write A Best-Seller Book In 2022

Virginia Brown Oregon, USA

Is Technology Causing Brain Fog or Mysterious Symptoms

Sheila Balgobin
London, United Kingdom

Tapping into Your Inner Sage: Dreams and Mental Fitness

Selena Dorsey
 New York, USA

The Power of Your Network

Beth Koenig
California, USA

Homeschooling Your Children in Under 2 Hours a Day

Meliss Jakubovic
Georgia, USA

Building A Foundation Through Relationships

Viv Campbell
 Illinois, USA

Wow! Imagine That!
Life Coaching for Empowered Women

Nadine Bdil
Zurich, Switzerland

The 7 Mental Moves for Effortless Sales

And Much More...

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