January 10th -14th, 2022


Empowering Women In Business 

As a woman in business, this is YOUR space to finally make the connections you crave with fellow female entrepreneurs as we empower, inspire and propel one another to the success we all deserve.


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Join The Biggest Women In Business Event On The Planet! 

This is your chance to learn from 100+ of the world’s most successful women entrepreneurs, coaches and trainers. They’re here with one goal: To Empower YOU to connect with other successful women in business and succeed.
Plus have lots of fun! This isn’t just about learning. It’s about BEING. So you’ll get to experience true transformation through specifically designed exercises and Q & A sessions that will help you become the BEST version of you in 2022.

Five Empowered Days To
Change Your Life

The best part about this event is it’s 100% free. 
 Join the Empowered Women In Business Summit for free right now and attend virtually from the comfort of your home.

Here's What You'll Experience Each Day


Empowered Training

You’ll learn from top experts that will EMPOWER you mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically and financially.


Empowered Inspiration

We’ve brought in some of the top speakers in the world who will inspire you to make every dream come true and create the life you've always wanted!


Empowered Experiences

Experience sessions that are also centered around self-care, well-being and fun! You’ll learn habits and rituals that will keep you healthy, energized and feeling good.


Empowered Community

Success is a team sport! You succeed far more when you work with others and that's why we've built an online community of thousands of women entrepreneurs who are just like you! Join us and make friends, connections and receive support from other like-minded people.

Meet Your 100+ Empowered Women Experts

Akelia Wright
Texas, USA

3 Keys to Growing Your Business Fast in 2022 with Paid Ads

Alecia N. Johnson
Ohio, USA

Christian Women Arise! Position Your Business To Prosper With Digital Products

Angela Campbell
Texas, USA

How To Make Your Health a Priority to Positively Impact Your Success in Business 

Angela Bell
Ontario, Canada

The Rise of the Mompreneur - Why more moms are starting their own business and how this benefits everyone!

Angelica Lazo
Florida, USA

How create a premium Brand so that you can scale to 6 figures in your coaching business 

Jolana Andre
Tennessee, USA

Master Social Media in Just a 15 Minutes a Day

Beth Koenig
California, USA

Homeschooling Your Children in Under 2 Hours a Day

Billie Sharp
Queensland, Australia

Facebook Ad's That Actually Work

Charlene Helm & Noelle McGough
Nova Scotia, Canada

Navigating the Nuances of Virtual Events

Tammy Magnuson
Wisconsin, USA

Ultimate Manifesting Skill

Christina Johnson
Maryland, USA

How To Identify & Monetize Your Family's Entrepreneurial Superpowers To Create Passive Income Using Just Your Words

Connie Jo Holmes
Illinois, USA

Three Steps to Ensure Resiliency as an Empowered Entrepreneur

Cynthia Micallef
London, United Kingdom

How to tap into your Creative Zone of Genius to live a life of purpose and meaning.

Davida Shensky
Florida, USA

Change Your Thoughts Transform Your Life

Dawn Endria McCarty
Florida, USA

Who Are Your Kids Talking to Online?

Diane O'Shea
California, USA

Secrets to 7-Figure PROFITS for Scaling Entrepreneurs

Dr. Tawanna Worlds
Texas, USA

The Value In The Vault 

Dr. Birgit Zottmann
Frankfurt,  Germany

How to boost your confidence for your personal and business life

Dr. Nas Parsian
 Victoria, Australia

A Coherent Neuro-transformation Model of coaching

Duquesa D Dean
Nassau, Bahamas 

Six Ways To Take Ownership Of Your LIfe

Eileen Rossall
NSW, Australia 

How to go from frustration to knowing your truth and purpose 

Ele De Posson
Canada, BC

Feminine Alignment for Magic and Wealth

Elena Dombi
Frankfurt, Germany

The power of 

Nikki Woods
 Texas, USA

The Visibility Mindset

Elysia Skye
Tennessee, USA

Using Your Intuition For Business Growth

Emily Letran
California, USA

Are You The Ultimate Boss? Top 5 Strategies In High Performance Leadership

Ericka Neville
Pennsylvania, USA

Creating A Life By Design

Erika Mcmillon
Mississippi, USA

Tips, strategies and key systems needed to automate and scale your service-based business.

Fe Lima Firman
 California, USA

Create a low-stress, highly profitable and enjoyable launch

Helen Edwards
Wyoming, USA

Protect The Throne

Holly Daniel
Queensland, Australia 

Get Seen & Sell Out With Live Launches

Jan Malloch
Scotland, United Kingdom

How to Sky Rocket Your Energy Levels to Enjoy All Those Things You Still Want to Do in Life

Jan Haldane
Waikato, New Zealand

You Are Not An Imposter!

Jan Sky
 Victoria, Australia

Understand Your Brain Potential

Jean Edwards Toney 
South Carolina, USA

The Four Letter Word That Builds Six Figure Businesses

Jennifer Longmore
Toronto, Canada

How To Make Quantum Money Leaps In Your Business

Jess Mcknight
South Dakota, USA

Activate Your Adversity

Joy Schmidt Francis
Michigan, USA

Female Entrepreneur's Guide to M.O.R.E. Cash 

Judy Van Niekerk
 Christ Church, Barbados

The 3 Exponential Wealth Codes: Revealed

Julie Gohring
Tamarindo, Costa Rica

3 Mistakes You Can't Afford To Make On Sales Calls

Julie Demers
Washington, USA

Know your Vagina, Strengthen your Pelvic Floor, Show Up Confident!

Karen Gray
Texas, USA

Becoming a Rock Mover

Kayshaun Brooks
California, USA

Benefits of Starting Your Own Affiliate Program 

Khemara Sical
 Massachusetts, USA

Mindfulness: The Pathway to Wellbeing and Success

Kylie Lang
Paris, France

How to Drive Traffic and Sell Out Launches with a High Converting Quiz

Lateisha Johnson
Ghana, Africa

Building Your Audience and Revenue by the Thousands Using OPA

Laura Gmeinder Mattek
Wisconsin, USA

CEO Mindset: Success On Your Terms 

Laura Wright
Maryland, USA

Empowered Women Sell With Ease

Lauren Penny
 Queensland, Australia 

The 3 things you need to know to create, fill and convert high paying clients at your Virtual Business Retreat

Becky Feigin
Maryland, USA

Attraction Marketing Through Energetics 

Ilah Brock
California, USA

7 steps to help YOU move out of your way to an empowering New Normal

Lindsey Peterson
Minnesota, USA

How to Stop Surviving Day to Day

Samantha Cruz
Florida, USA

3 Steps to Increasing Sales

Lois Herman
 New Hampshire, USA

Shifting Toxic Energy - Skills to Navigate Challenging Times 

Kate Varness
Illinois, USA 

Success 2.0: Beyond Mindset Work

Martina Kwan
California, USA

3 Critical Shifts to Attract The Right High Paying Clients

Venise Maybank
Florida, USA

Slay Your Taxes

Meliss Jakubovic
Georgia, USA

Delegation: When and How to Grow a Team

Meredith Banka
 Washington, USA

Become the CEO of Your Life

Adaina Biggs
Louisiana, USA

Do More than Survive

Millen Livis
Florida, USA

Financial Independence Gameplan

Misbah Rauf
Mozambique, Africa

Leveraging Chatbot Automations To Supercharge Live Launches/Summits

Monica Maria Aparicio
Bogota, Colombia

Lead Yourself, Lead The World

Monica Vallero
 California, USA

10 mistakes that kept me broke in my coaching business - So you can avoid them and start getting CLIENTS IMMEDIATELY

Nancie Barwick
Virginia, USA

The Ethical Therapist

Nichole Carson
Texas, USA

How to Create a 7 Figure Business Working Less Than 20 Hours a Week so You Don't Burn Out

Nikki Frezza
Florida, USA

Building a business on your terms, your schedule and ideal lifestyle

Patricia Suggs
North Carolina, USA

Ugh! Conflict! What Do I Do Now?

Prue Blennerhassett
 New South Wales, Australia

Embody Your Divinity to Amplify Your Impact

Saba Hocek
New York, USA

Intuition Empowered Business

Sabine Charles
New York, USA

My Seven Life Lessons So Far

Sandra J. Horton
Vancouver, Canada

G.R.O.W.T.H. Mindset For Leaders

Sandra Cerna
Utah, USA

Stop Motion Animation: Creative Social Media Content

Selena D.
 New York, USA

Grow Your Business With A Virtual Summit

Shane Kulman
New York, USA

Let’s Get Awkward 

Shari Ware
Queensland, Australia

Your Health Is Your Wealth

Aisling Smith Vance
Melbourne, Australia

A New You in 2022

Soraya Van Horn
Indiana, USA

Let's Talk Legacy-All Things Business

Soroya Garner
 Indiana, USA

Let's Talk Legacy-All Things Business

Suzie Bowers
California, USA

Your Six-Figure (or more) Business Working Part Time

Tamara Patzer
Florida, USA

Authority Positioning for Impact, Influence, and Income

Tanya Taylor
New York, USA

The Top 5 Tax Mistakes New Business Owners Make & How to Fix Them

Tennessee C. Noronha
Dublin, Ireland

Stop The Thieves of Your Dreams before you Burnout

Tina Schuh Moser
 Wisconsin, USA

How to Maximize Profits

Tracey Terry
California, USA

Building $50K In Business Credit In 30 Days

Tracy Swain
Florida, USA

3 Steps to Getting As Many Raving Hungry High-Value Clients As You Want in 30 Days or Less Without Sacrificing Your Lifestyle

Tricia Peterson
Texas, USA

Joyfully Productive on Your Own Terms

Victoria Whitfield
New Jersey, USA

Unstoppable Clarity: How To Create Momentum On Demand AND 4X Your Business With Strategic Meditation

Victoria Gallagher
 Arizona, USA

ATTRACT Abundance using THIS Powerful Manifesting Technique

Charnee Robinson
New Jersey, USA

How to use events to get consistent revenue

Bessie Estonactoc
California, USA

FIND & FREE Your Inner Voice So That You Abundantly FLOW in 2022

Marzena Sydrenka
NSW, Australia

How emotions & thoughts shape your health and life

Suzy Prudden
California, USA

Your Book is Your Business builder not just your Business Card

Hayley Luckadoo
 North Carolina, USA

How to Use a Podcast to Generate Your Perfect Leads

Sharon Jurd
Gold Coast, Australia

Simple Steps to Massive Growth in Business and Life

Dionne Phillips
Beverly Hills, California

Grow Your Business With Clubhouse

Kylie Anderson
Milton Keynes, United Kingdom 

How to create £100k in 6 months in 4 simple steps (without a big audience)

Katherine Berland
New York, New York

Money Mindset Activation and Manifestation in Business

Heather McGregor
 British Columbia, Canada

Presence, Power & Alchemy to Increase Cash Flow

Caroline Doyle
Montreal, Canada

Create The Right Mindset to Win the Game in 2022

And many more...

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